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The most popular body areas women wax is leg, bikini and underarms. Facial waxing tends to be used to shape eyebrows and on the upper lip, chin and cheeks where the growth is hormonal. Waxing suitable for men as well. Most popular areas are back and chest. In our salon for leg, arm, chest, back we are using strips technique for bikini, underarms and face hot wax technique.

Hot wax or wax strips are all waxing techniques that will leave you stubble free for up to four weeks.


*Results may vary from person to person.


Lip/Chin/Nose (15min)


Lip & Chin (15min)


Sides of Face (15min)


Full Face (20min)


Full leg (30min)


Half leg (20min)


Full arm (15min)


Half arm (15min)


Underarm (15min)


Back (20min)


Shoulders (20min)


Back & Shoulders (30min)


Chest (15min)


Abdomen (15min)


Bikini G String (20min) (Women´s world)


Brazilian Wax (25min)


Holywood Wax (25min)


*course of 5 (save £25)


Your hands deserve to be perfect!

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