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Hand & Foot Care

Today the list of manicures and pedicures on any treatment menu is endless and picking the right one for you is a matter of personal preference. Pick from natural and glossy, long-lasting and bold or high fashion and fake. If long talons are your thing, gel nails are a great option. Here, false nail extensions are glued onto the tips of your real nails, and then sealed with a fast drying top coat which typically lasts up to a month, at which point you'll need to get them refilled. If you prefer a more natural look but struggle to keep your nails long without breaking or chipping, shellac or gel nails are a very popular choice. Coloured gel polish is applied straight onto your natural nail, and is then sealed with a UV light. Perfect if you’re in a rush, gel nails dry as soon as they’re placed under the light, and give you two- three weeks of chip-free colour.

In our salon you can choose:

  • Classic manicure and pedicure with classic polish or shellac
  • Luxury waterless manicure and pedicure with classic polish or shellac
  • Japanese manicure and pedicure
  • Hardware manicure and pedicure
New treatment in our salon

Safe hardware manicure and pedicure

An important part of the attractive look of every woman is well-groomed hands and, surely, nails. With the help of modern technology in the nail industry every woman please herself with professional care of nails and hand skin, thereby maintaining them in perfect condition.
Among the large list of services for nail care and hand skin in Poudre Beauty Boutique, you can choose a hardware manicure.
The main tool for this procedure is special grinding machine with a large number of conductors – milling cutters. It is designed for grinding the toughened skin around the nail plates and cuticles. All conductors are selected individually depending on the condition and structure of the client’s skin. This is necessary in order not to break the skin, exclude the possibility of injury and carry out the procedure painlessly.
Using conductors, i.e. milling cutters made from various materials (natural pink stone, or metal with powdered diamonds for different skin areas) improves the quality of grinding the toughened layer around the nails. The variety of professional cutters in size and configuration provides painless and scrupulous removal of the horny layer in all areas of hard access. Thanks to the professional selection and use of conductors (cutters) by our specialists, we guarantee the quality and safety of the apparatus manicure.

Is the hardware manicure and pedicure safe for health?

In Poudre Beauty Boutique while carrying out all the procedures we use single-use expandable materials (non-woven napkins for manicure and pedicure, bedsheets for massage, a cotton towel for clients of the hairstyling area, personal lingerie for the clients during the massage, pedicure slippers, etc.). There are professional work clothes, shoes, a variety of gloves and respirators for masters, disinfectant liquid for skin, furniture and rooms – all this will provide best protection both customers and employees of the salon. In all cases the masters of Poudre Beauty Boutique put an antiseptic on the client`s skin before the any kind of manicure. We also carefully perform pre-sterilizing and sterilizing cleaning of instruments, milling cutters and working surfaces with the help of modern equipment (ultrasonic washing, UV sterilizer, granular sterilizer, autoclave) and the necessary disinfecting solutions and it guarantees our clients complete safety for health.

Contraindications of machine manicure and pedicure:

  • diabetes
  • fungus infection
  • damages of the skin in procedure areas

The technology of machine manicure step by step:

  • an antiseptic is applied to the client’s hands;
  • if there is an old coating on the nails, it is removed using the remover;
  • the shape of the nails is made with a grinding nail file (according to the client’s preference);
    cuticles are removed using milling cutters;
  • nail fixer is applied;
  • after 5 minutes, the aromatherapy oil is applied and rubbed lightly around the nail plates until completely absorbed.

Advantages of hardware manicure:

  • manicure safety for the nail plate and skin;
  • the delicacy of the method, due to the absence of cutting objects;
  • the procedure sterility, the lack of possibility to put the infection in the human body;
  • after hardware manicure, the skin grows slower than after manicure with cuticles trimmed, which will allow you to reduce the frequency of repeated procedures;
  • reasonable price


Hand Care

File & Polish (20min)


Shellac - File & Polish (20min)


Shellac - File & Polish / Removal (30min)


Shellac Removal (5min)


Manicure (45min)


Manicure & Shellac (1hr)


Hardware Manicure (1hr)


Hardware Manicure with Polish (1hr 15min)


Hardware Manicure with Shellac (2hr)


Men’s Manicure (45min)


Nail Design Light (5min)


Nail Design Medium (15min)


Nail Design Hard (30min)


Nail Extension

Gel Nail Extension (1hr 45min)


Gel Nail Extension & Gel Polish (2hr)


Gel Removal (30min)


Gel Nail Refill (up to 3 weeks) (1hr 45min)


Gel Nail Refill & Gel Polish (2hr)



Manicure & Pedicure (1hr 30min)


Shellac Manicure & Shellac Pedicure (2hr)


Shellac File & Polish Hands + Feet (40min)



Manicure Set (x3)


Shellac Manicure Set (x3)


Shellac File & Polish Set (x3)


Shellac File & Polish Set Premium


Foot Care

File & Polish (20min)


Shellac - File & Polish (20min)


Shellac - File & Polish / Removal (30min)


Pedicure (45min)


Pedicure & Shellac (1hr)


Hardware Pedicure (1hr 15min)


Hardware Pedicure with Polish (1hr 30min)


Hardware Pedicure with Shellac (2hr)


Callus Pedicure (1hr)


Callus Pedicure & Shellac (1hr 15min)


Men’s Pedicure (45min)


Men’s Callus Pedicure (45min)


Hand & Foot Treatment

Paraffin Therapy (20min)


Your hands deserve to be perfect!

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