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Eyelash-Eyebrow Care

Eyebrow and eyelash tinting is the perfect way to look made up with minimum effort. Your eyebrows and eyelashes will look defined without a slick of makeup.

In our salon you can choose a colour which compliments or contrasts with your hair and eye colour and skin tone. Black, brown and blue are the most popular and come in a variety of shades. Black is classic, brown is the most natural and can always be enhanced for a special occasion with mascara. ‘Blue’ is actually a blue black that's darker than the classic black.

If you want a more dramatic look you can choose an eyelash lift or eyelash extension. Lift and tint showcases your natural lashes at their very best – and they still look natural. They're slightly curled and the lift gives an illusion of extra length. They'll open up your eyes, and the tint enhances their colour.
Eyelash extensions are individually applied fibres that are attached to your natural lashes to give temporarily enhanced length and volume. Made up of either synthetic or natural fibres, eyelash extensions typically last for the entire natural growth cycle of your eyelashes (approximately 2-3 months), but to keep them at full capacity you may need to have touch ups to compensate for shedding every 2-3 weeks.


Eyelash Extension

Classic Eyelash Extensions (2hr 15min)


Infills (after 2 weeks) (2hr)


Silk Eyelash Extensions (2hr 15min)


Infills (after 2 weeks) (2hr)


Lash Removal (with new set)


Lash Removal Only (30min)


Eye Treatments

Eyebrow Shape (15min)


Eyelash Tint (15min)


Eyebrow Tint (15min)


Lash & Brow Tint (20min)


Eyebrow Tint & Shape (25min)


Eye Trio (30min)


LVL Eyelash Lift (60min)


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