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A procedure to tone facial, neck and decollete muscles; to improve circulation and to improve the absorbtion of special beauty substances; to speed up collagen production and skin nutrition. Toxin release and skin regeneration processes become more active due to better blood circulation, skin tone also improves. Vacuum Massage is especially effective on reducing mimic lines, deep  and decolletage wrinkles as well as on toning the contour of the face.

Some of the advantages of using ozonated oil for Vacuum Massage are: activated antioxidant defence system of the body; improved oxygen intake.

This way the ozonated oil slows the ageing process: rejuvenates the skin; provides antibacterial/antiviral protection; increases the defence from environmental pollution.

Using this procedure on regular basis provides your face with a better tone, elasticity, colour, silky smoothness and healthy look.

Recommended: 5 — 10 procedures in total, once a week.

Duration 75 – 90 minutes

Procedures from £45