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Functional Keratin Hair Taming System – the new system to straighten and restore the hair.

The miracle of Keratin strengthens, softens your hair, makes it shine and gives the vitality without chemical treatment. Keratin does not contain any hair structure damaging components, it restores natural hair glow, leaving your hair silky soft and smooth to the touch. It straightens curly hair, makes hair manageable.

After Keratin Treatment it is recommended to use the hair shampoos and conditioners not containing Sodium Chloride and Sulphates. Correct aftercare will keep your hair looking shiny and healthy for up 4 – 6 months. After that period your hair will get back to it is natural state. Although… the above beauty treatment has been created to make your beautiful hair strong. Even when the Keratin Treatment effect stops working, your hair will have more shine and health in it than before the treatment.

Keratin Treatment is suitable for women and men.

Keratin treatment from £100