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A safe and efficient colouring techniques will give your hair a natural natural shade. Only you can decide on who to be: a breathtaking brunette, chic blond or a fiery temptress.

Hair Colouring from £35

OmbreThe word “ombre” in French means shadow or shade. Ombre technique creates the colour that is shaded or graduated in tone. Ombre – the new widespread trend from the start with no limits in such areas as design, beauty, fashion and hair colouring.The main idea of Ombre technique is for the hair to look naturally lightened by the sun, as if the light is playing in your hair.

Grey Hair Coloring is no longer a problem. New available technologies, various techniques and colours can help in achieving the desired result.

Hair Polishing for Blondes is a stunning procedure. The Hair Polish covers the hair adding exceptional lustre to hair and boosting the colour brilliance as well as removing unwanted effects, such as yellow or yellow-orange shades. Polishing Tools Palette includes five shades: ultra-violet radiance, cold bluish-violet water, sweet strawberry blonde, honeycomb blonde and neutral blonde. These shades would suit even the most demanding taste. Polish does not have brown base, making it easier to provide a translucent colour as pure as a drop of water.

Creative Hair Colouring. The image which is your own creation. Standing out is in fashion and our specialists are prepared to fulfil even the most daring fantasy of yours.