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Individual program

  • correction of problematic areas (according to the type of figure)
  • 60 min. duration of massage (with feet shoulder strap)
  • lymph drainage (cleaning, removal of toxins)
  • a decrease of body parts
  • cellulite reduction
  • reduction of swelling
  • circulatory stimulation
  • a wide range of disease prevention
  • regulation of muscle tone
  • improvement of skin firmness.

Clinical studies have been carried out in 2008. NZOZ MAXMEDIA clinic in Konin, Poland. Goal of this study was to investigate what impact does the body roll shaper use. The studies involved 97 people who used it for 20 times.

Results achieved:

  1. The upper arm volume decreased by about 2 cm.
  2. Waist decreased by about 4.5 cm.
  3. Hips decreased by about 3 cm.
  4. Thigh decreased by about 3 cm.

An hour working around the machine ensures that all body is massaged – from the feet to the hands, shoulders.

We recommend drink sufficient amount of water before the start of procedure.

Lymph (Lat. Lympha) – clear liquid circulates in the human lymphatic system, which does not contain red cells, platelets, but there are many lymphocytes. The human body contains between 1-2 litres of lymph. Lymph is formed from fluids with a constant flow of blood plasma into tissues, and from them – into the lymphatic capillaries. Lymph is the connective tissue of blood and tissue cells, so to speak, it cleanses every cell. Lymph nodes in different areas of the body (armpits, neck, groin), filters and traps germs and other harmful compounds. Lymph drainage – it is rather medical than cosmetic procedure. Simply because the lymph affects all body processes.

Lymph flowing?

During the massage the lymph flow is accelerated about 10 times, thus affecting all the lymph system, improving its tone and vasomotor functions, reducing lymphatic stasis in tissues and swelling, as well as improving metabolism. One massage with Roll Shaper device can be compared to three hand massages.

What lymphatic drainage does?

Women say that the lymph drainage is mostly helpful to lose weight. But in fact, the most important is that this procedure cleanses all body. This is a base for the weight-loss. Cellulite programs tend to start from the lymph drainage. After the first procedure is observed that the body becomes easier already. Later – the calmer response to stressful situations, feeling more relaxed, even body movements become more accurate. Women felt that pain before menstruation disappeared or weakened. Dry skin starts to look healthier and illuminated. The lymphatic drainage should be noted by women with a pear-shaped figure. People with this body type are usually finding difficulty to lose weight, one possible reason may be that an abnormal lymph flow. Using Roll Shaper body becomes more beautiful because of the fat folds disappear.

Cellulite begins to die after an average of 6-10 full body lymphatic drainage procedures. But often it happens that after the first test fatty knoll becomes even more pronounced as fluid accumulation starts to disappear from tissue.

Clothing. Massages Roll shaper machines we carry out in your own. Therefore a special workout outfit – tight-fitting thin pants (leggings), T-shirts and socks.



1 session of 60 Minutes £49
1 session of 90 Minutes £59
Course of 10 sessions (60 minutes) £250
Course of 10 sessions (90 minutes) £350
Course of 20 sessions (60 minutes) £430
Course of 20 sessions (90 minutes) £590